It's hard to believe, especially considering how long I've lived in Toronto, but the one tourist attraction that I've never been to is the CN Tower. More specifically, I've never gone up to the observation deck to look at Toronto from high above. Well, I can now cross it off my "to-do: list. Last weekend, we finally went up to have a look-see. I have to admit that the view from the observation deck is pretty amazing. The elevator ride was pretty exciting and because the floor of the elevator had a couple of panes of glass for you to look down as you ascended, I think the girls got a little freaked out as they saw the ground seemingly fall away.

The one thing I found disappointing was the size of the glass floor installed on the observation deck. I thought it was an entire glass floor but, in fact, only 55 square feet of the floor contained glass panels and with all the tourists up there, we never really got the time to stand there and "feel" the height - so to speak. In any event, it was still an interesting thing to do - at least once in a lifetime. :)