No pictures this week but I did want to note that I ended up buying the Panasonic LX-3 for my wife...sort of. In all honesty, she would never have the patience to learn all the functions the camera offers. She's happy as a pig in s@$T shooting away in Auto mode so, in reality, I kinda bought it for myself too. I haven't really had tie to test it out completely but from the quick test shots I've taken so far, this is a very impressive camera indeed, especially considering it's a point and shoot. Surprisingly, it's even pretty good for hand-held macro shots - amazing what technology can do!

So all this brings me to one question - (and maybe it's just me) but why does it seem like every guy simply gets giddy when they can get their hands on the "latest and greatest"? I remember reading on Rockwell's site that you can get your significant other to actually encourage you to buy the "best" by simply pulling on the heart strings and claiming it will allow you to take better shots of the kids.

I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in a camera store staring over that Leica - hehe!!