On Christmas Day of 2008, after opening presents, my daughter turned on the TV and the first thing we saw was a Christmas Day Parade being held at DisneyWorld Florida. As we watched the parade, I said to the kids that one day soon we would have to go to DisneyWorld over the holidays. The parade and all the surrounding activities seems like so much fun, I thought, "we just have to check it out."

Well, we did exactly that over the holidays this year. We couldn't be there on the 25th, but in the late morning of the 26th, we boarded a flight to Florida with two other families. Well this was the first and last time we will do this again. Whoever said that we are currently in a recession has never been to DisneyWorld over the holidays. It was a sea of people everywhere...all the time. We were constantly rushing from one ride or show and the worst part was the rushing was so we could simply line up, sometimes for as long as 90 minutes. (And we didn't even bother to line up where it was indicated there would be an even longer wait.)

Overall, the trip was just ok and it was truly a blur...we would go to one of the parks early in the morning and in the blink of an eye, the day was over. The only thing that sticks in my mind was rushing through the crowd to the next line up, all the while trying hard to either not lose of the kids or getting stepped on.

For me, although I enjoy vacations where there's lots to do and see, it's important there is actually time to appreciate what I see and do. Unfortunately, this was not one of those vacations. Oh well, at least the weather we had in Florida, while not great, was still better than the cold winter we get in Toronto!!