My Buddy's brother

My Buddy's brother

Wanting to shoot more film, I recently bought an Epson V600 scanner (which I love, btw) and after telling a friend about this purchase, I ended up spending a lot of this weekend scanning over 40 year-old negatives for him. Although it sucked up a lot of time, I didn't really mind cause it gave me a chance to play with the scanner.

However, what I didn't expect from this little exercise is the way it made me feel and it can be summed up in one word - nostalgic.

Going through his old pictures, I couldn't help but feel happy and sad. As one would expect (I guess), his pictures reminded me of my childhood.

As an only child of a family of moderate means, while I never found myself wanting, it also seemed that what I desired never materialized. Looking back today, I really can't say that things where ultra tough, but I can say that not having the proverbial "silver spoon" was probably the best thing. I developed a strength and desire that wouldn't exist today if I have come into this world with that spoon in my mouth. The other thing is that becasue of our moderate means, imagination and dreaming played a big part of my growing up and I think that today, that "dreamer" characteristic keeps me going through tough times and gives me a mental toughness that I have been grateful for on many occasions. I hope that I am instilling the same characteristics in my children.

While thinking about my childhood was pleasant, those old pictures reminded me that our time on this earth goes by too quickly. Our everyday is busier than ever and we often neglect the little things in life. Seeing these pictures really reminded me that we all have to stop, see and experience cause who knows when we can't do that anymore.

I hate the thought of death and even though I probably hate this cliche more...I really have to remember to "live" as hard as I work, otherwise, what the point of working so hard....