It's been quite a while since I posted and, in fact, I need to do some catch-up. First up....Xmas 2010

I can't explain it, but this year's Xmas was different. I think it was so busy leading up to the holidays that we never got the chance to do things we normally do, in fact, we didn't even take pictures with Santa Claus this year. It just felt like we never had the time to enjoy the kids' innocent wonder around this special time of year....I hope this doesn't happen again next year.

Fact is, everything was different this year. Grandma's alzheimer's is getting worse and she forgot that she was supposed to be part of the holiday performance at the home; we celebrated Xmas at my cousin's new house instead of having it at our house and we didn't even go out for family dinner - we ate at my cousin's house instead. I guess change is inevitable and good, but some traditions should never change. I'm just getting too sentimental as I get older.....

What was good though was seeing my cousin's son - he's a relatively new addition to the family and although he's still too young to really appreciate the spirit of the season, it was extremely cute to see him in his little Santa outfit and to imagine the excitement he'll feel and enjoy in the years to come.

We must never forget what it feels like to be a's what protects us from the cynicism and daily grind of everyday life. I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and don't stop being amazed by what the world has to offer.