Several months ago, my youngest, Sarah, turned 10. When I look at these two pictures, I'm simply amazed...another one of my daughters is now 10 years old!?!?

Anyone that meets Sarah for the first time would automatically see her as a reserved and shy little girl. And when contrasted with her older sister, one would naturally, and rightfully, conclude that she is neither flamboyant nor gregarious. Rather, she seems to epitomize WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

However, my little girls is definitely more than WYSIWYG! She is inconspicuously competitive, and only becomes obvious in certain circumstances, such as when she plays sports or when she is striving to better her friends academically. An yet...her competitive desire is always tempered by genuine kindness and regard for others' feelings.

When Sarah was younger, I was rather concerned that because of her timidity, she would be a follower...and as we all know, "followers" can often be led down the wrong path. But now that I see the person she has become, I realize that I don't need to worry about her as much as I thought. Beneath Sarah's apparent simplicity of character is someone of great resolve and awareness of self. Outwardly, she is very conciliatory, which immediately maker her likeable. Her depth of empathy maker her friendships and relationships genuine - she is definitely "there" when you need her. All of that, together with her strong sense of right and wrong is more than enough to engender an immutable confidence that her strength of character will endure whatever challenges she faces in the years to come.

Sarah, I feel privileged to have you as my daughter. I'm really not sure I deserve to have you and your sister in my life, but I'm sure glad I do. I love you.....Happy 10th Year of Life!!