I've always had an interest in photography, but initially this interest was more about the camera being a "cool toy!" It was another one of those things that fell within the cliche - "boys and their toys."

As such, even though I've "played" with cameras since I was a kid, I never "knew" what it could really do. Fast forward to the present - and although I can't point to one specific revelation or event; maybe it's age, maybe it's my daughters, it might even be the internet and the proliferation of photography sites and blogs, but my simple perception of the camera as a "cool toy" was replaced with a deep realization of how the camera, or more appropriately, how a moment captured by the camera can impact, emote, and engender feelings so strong that a viewer could actually "live" or "re-live" the moment captured. 

Photography has become a significant passion for me and while life often gets in the way of this passion, I try hard to take advantage of whatever moments I have to indulge in it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my pictures.